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March 17, 2015



Book 4 in the War of the Seasons series

The elf queen motioned from the two Seasons back to the elf by her side. “This is Ealis. She will accompany the Spring Prince on his journey and assist him as needed.”

“What?” Morrigann’s jaw dropped, and he tore his gaze from Ealis back to the Summer Queen. “What journey?”

His mother silenced him with a look. “A half-blood has a been found.”

Turning back to the mage, the Spring Prince found her meeting his gaze steadily, almost with a note of challenge. Her silver eyes, while maintaining the typical elvish aloofness Morrigann had come to expect over the years, narrowed as she glared, actually glared at him.

“Mother, I must object. I am the Lord of the Spring! Bringer of life. If I cannot recover a simple half-blood on my own—”

“This is no simple half-blood.”

* * * * *

This fourth book in the War of the Seasons series includes a never-before-published novella as well as ten short stories written by Spendlove and other authors, including: Bryan Young, Maggie Allen, Cleolinda Jones, Albin Johnson, and Aaron Allston. Each story is beautifully illustrated by artists Betsy Waddell, Stephanie Smith, and Dawn Murphy.

“Lyrical language, vivid settings, warmly sympathetic characters—and emotion so strong it can knock you off your feet. Stories don’t get much better than this.” —Aaron Rosenberg, author of the bestselling SF comedy series The Adventures of DuckBob Spinowitz

“Janine Spendlove is a master storyteller. I could read her War of the Seasons tales forever. They always leave me wanting more and more and more.” —Jennifer Brozek, author of the Karen Wilson Chronicles.