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Excerpt from ELECTED
One blonde curl is wrapped lusciously around my pointer finger. I gaze down at it and then force my eyes upward to drink in the image of my face.
by Rori Shay

The Gunslinger of Glycon
Standing before a gaudy cess-pit of a saloon, the man called Twelve asked, “Is this the one?”
by Bryan Young

Excerpt from The Tethering
Jacob Evans sat in the front row, looking back whenever he could at the new girl two rows behind him. He didn’t want her to catch him staring, but he couldn’t help himself.
by Megan O’Russell

Excerpt from Cloak
The room was small and dark, the only light coming from the soft glow of a simple reading lamp resting on a corner of the equally simple desk.
by Timothy Zahn

Apollo’s Daughters update
Editing Apollo’s Daughters has been an exciting process for me, getting to work and learn from a wide swath of authors…
by Bryan Young

After the Cure
I was shot with the cure in the dark. Later, someone would tell me it was a Tuesday, but before the tranq dart I didn’t know such a thing existed.
by Carrie Ryan

Excerpt from Vision of Shadows
There are times when being psychic really bites, and this is one of them.
by Vincent Morrone