This past weekend was Baltimore Comic Con, a now annual Con that draws an ever increasing crowd and more talented and famous artists every year.  And this year was no let down. Better yet, two artists Silence in the Library Publishing (SitL) has had the pleasure of working with had booths at the Con and a few SitL authors were able to support the artists and our stories.

First was Matt Slay ( As many of you know, Matt is the artist behind all the tremendous watercolors that are gracing the pages of the soon to be released Time Traveled Tales anthologies.


His breath-taking array of work was on display and it made for an ideal draw for a limited, special run of TTT Trade Paperbacks that he had on hand.


Over part of the day Saturday, Janine Spendlove and Brian E. Shaw were able to join him for a wonderful signing session and we can happily proclaim that thanks to Janine’s effortless charm, Brian’s entertaining humor, and the gravitas of Matt’s larger works, we generated enough interest to sell out that run in less than 24 hours.

Following that, Janine was able to spend time signing with another of SitL’s visual geniuses, Mark Dos Santos (, best known for his brilliant “Gotham Evening Post” series, and soon to come “Daily Bugle” series. Mark has also joined forces with SitL and illustrated A Hero by Any Other Name, a fantastic anthology of superhero and sidekick stories.

A Hero By Any Other Name

His style perfectly captured each character and brought them to life. This anthology is currently out and you can purchase your copy here:


All in all, it was a successful weekend for our stories and an even better weekend for our artists and our commitment to solidifying the relationship between our writers and artists as SitL continues its work to bring a special partnership and level of craft back to the reading experience.

So, as the customers at Baltimore Comic Con appeared to do, we hope you each get to enjoy our stories and the wonderful art that accompanies them.  It truly is a special and presently unique combination that SitL is thrilled to bring to all of our readers.