Time Traveled Tales, Vol. 2




Silence in the Library is excited to bring you this second volume in the Time Traveled Tales anthology series. Inside, you’ll find a collection of short fiction from some of the most talented creators of speculative fiction working today. You’ll be entertained by authors from established New York Times bestsellers like Aaron Allston, Michael A. Stackpole, and Timothy Zahn to popular authors like Bradley Beaulieu, Maxwell Alexander Drake, Janine K. Spendlove, and Bryan Young.

Edited and arranged by Jean Rabe, this anthology will take you on a journey through time and space. It will introduce you to new worlds and strange beings.

Each story is beautifully illustrated by artist Matt Slay.

The Adventure of the Tsarist Treasure, Michael A. Stackpole
Hypothecary, Aaron Allston
Reformation, Maxwell Alexander Drake
The Old Lindley House, Tracy Chowdhury
A Portrait of Time, Kelly Swails
Time To Duck, Aaron Rosenberg
Makeshift, Donald J. Bingle
Wish Upon A Star, Janine K. Spendlove
Foretold, Bradley P. Beaulieu
Time Rules, Maggie Allen
Changing Fate, Dylan Birtolo
One Time Around? John Helfers
Merchant: Festival, R.T. Kaelin
Promised Land, C.S. Marks
Memories of Light and Sound, Steven Saus
Saffron Skies, Sarah Hans
The Gun Show, Brian Shaw
Ley of the Land, Jennifer Brozek
The Lost Sweeper of Caldon, Gregory A. Wilson
What Spring is Like, Bryan Young
Focke-Drache, Jean Rabe
Quod Erat, Daniel Myers
For Love of Amanda, Timothy Zahn

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