The hand-lettered sign he carried read, “Will Curse You For Food.” As gaunt and hollow-cheeked as though he’d needed that food for many weeks, he stood on the sidewalk near the street corner, holding aloft the square posterboard on its stick like a protest sign. But the man—middle-aged, his dark complexion and craggy features suggesting a Native American ancestry, rumpled in an inexpensive brown suit—seemed more mournful than angry.

Passersby occasionally walked up to him, amused suspicion on their faces, and spoke to him. On each occasion the man would listen to their words, then speak to them in reply, shake his head. Each time he looked regretful. His visitors would leave unfulfilled and, it appeared, not on the receiving end of any swear words.

-from “Demonized” by Aaron Allston

MONSTERS is a collection of short fiction about things that creep, crawl, bite, go bump in the night, and make us wonder “Hey, who turned out the lights?” 

Inside you’ll find stories from best-selling and award-winning authors like Aaron Allston, Aaron Rosenberg, Michael A. Stackpole, Timothy Zahn, and many more.

The art is by David Montgomery. This is only available as an e-book currently, eventually a paperback will be on Amazon.


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