Apollo’s Daughters




Some of the best and biggest names in science fiction have lent their talent to Silence in the Library for this collection of genre stories, all featuring some of the coolest and most complex female characters.

From a woman trapped in a robotic suit in a grim Australian future to a magick-wielding Russian soldier on the run from her own side, Apollo’s Daughters is a concentrated dose of exactly the kinds of stories you’re looking for.

This collection was created as a companion to Silence in the Library’s Athena’s Daughters, and, as a bonus, contains “Disarray,” the last novella by New York Times Bestseller Aaron Allston.

This anthology is edited by Bryan Young and features illustrations by Elias Pate, Tim Odland, and Mark Dos Santos.

“Burnout”  by  John Jackson Miller
“Hell Rode With Her”  by  David Mack
“The Thief of Eden”  by  Jason Young
“Clarity of Mind: An O.C.L.T. Tale”  by  Aaron Rosenberg
“Mark Fifty-Two”  by  Jim Bernheimer
“EarthNight: Last Passage”  by  Justin Aclin and Alex Segura
“Visionaries of Bedlam”  by  Alan Smale
“Future Futures”  by  Donald J. Bingle
“Weary”  by  Christopher Ruz
“Daughter of the Sands”  by  Joshua Palmatier
“The Dark Arts Come to Hebron”  by  David R. George III
“The Silent Woman”  by  Jon Skovron
“No Good Deed”  by  Bryan Young
“As Needed”  by  Michael A. Stackpole
“Disarray”  by  Aaron Allston and Bryan Young
“The Myth of the Female Protagonist”  by  Aaron Allston

This book is available here as e-book, and on Amazon as a paperback. The e-book and paperback have different covers.


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