It all started with in third grade.  I was a standup swaying, yellow cardboard bell in the Christmas Pageant. My lines:  “Ding Dong Ding Dong, I must have been stellar, the applause was deafening.”

In college Patricia performed in theatre and local commercials in rural Michigan.  Detroit offered more opportunities for radio and on-camera commercials and after graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre, Summa Cum Laude, she ventured for warmer pavement in Los Angeles to pursue acting on a larger scale.  Within six months she landed several commercials and the co-starring role of Stephen Furst’s, (Animal House) girlfriend LUCILLE, the obnoxious spoiled princess in the Buena Vista release, MIDNIGHT MADNESS and to this day remains close friends with many members of the cast.  Within a year of that performance Patricia was cast as an unwed mother for six weeks on THE YOUNG and the RESTLESS opposite David Hasselhoff, and appeared in ANGIE, EIGHT IS ENOUGH, and later in two episodes of REMINGTON STEELE.  David Hasselhoff turned up again when she played opposite him in the horror film, GHOST DANCE, as the office assistant who shares a dalliance with David in a stage coach only to be stabbed to death by an Indian ghost in the museum.  “Ahhh acting at its finest.”

Voice-over work included many industrial films, commercials, children’s book narrations, and cartoons such as SNORKS and YOGI BEAR where she was lucky to work with Sue Blu, Andrea Romano and Helen Hunt’s wonderful father, Gordon over at Hanna-Barberra Animation Studios.  The role of PIZZAZZ in JEM and the HOLOGRAMS came naturally.  “I was so hungry, thirsty and tired at the audition…when I opened my mouth all I had left was venom for poor Wally [Burr].”

An artist at heart, Patricia enjoys watercolor painting, has written and published, articles, short biographies, several chapbooks of poetry, co-authored WINDEYES, a WOMAN’S READER and WRITING SOURCE (Plain View Press) and taught the creative process for writers through her BEYOND IMAGINATION workshops.  A CD of poetry, A Touch of Pizzazz (2009); was recorded for Pizzazz fans of the internationally syndicated cartoon series, JEM & THE HOLOGRAMS.  Recent public performances/readings include The Tennessee Women’s Theater Project (2012); which  marked the debut of her latest poetry chapbook, The Season Of Dying Mothers, and she’ll again read original poetry on Mother’s Day in Nashville 2013 at the Looby Library Theatre, Nashville, TN.  Of greatest delight was acting out the twenty + characters while recording the fantasy fiction novel, War of the Seasons, Book I, The Human by Janine K. Spendlove , (2012). ”I think he wanted to kill me, but he couldn’t until we finished recording.”  She says of Bruce Michael Miller, her husband/producer and engineer.  “I realized again how much I love to do voice over and when dialogue is genuine, it is profoundly satisfying.”

Patricia shares a humble home in Nashville, Tennessee with a bunch of chiggers and blooming asparagus along with her highly tolerant and talented singer-songwriter husband, Bruce Michael Miller and their son, Forest, (a serious babe slayer) who is a gifted violinist/bass playing songwriter/performer as well.


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