Mark Dos SantosMark Dos Santos began his artistic career in Newark, NJ. In spite of the slippery dangers posed by plastic wrapped furniture—all the rage at the time—the budding, young artist still managed to clamber on to his precarious sofa perch every day. Having safely conquered his synthetic nemesis, he’d spend hours filling up every available scrap of paper with the characters from his favorite cartoon shows.

Upon mastering plastic coated upholstery, Mark decided to take on yet another challenge. He joined the army and traveled to many exciting and exotic new places like South Korea and Kansas. The skills he’d acquired as a child proved useful in his new venture. Many field marches were avoided as his talents were put to use painting common room walls.

In 1996, Mark enrolled at the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Arts. His studies in animation and comics paid off, and he received his first published job at the end of his second year – three illustrations for the DEADLANDS: HELL ON EARTH roleplaying handbook. Mark now resides in southern California where he works as a freelance artist, still watching cartoons, and avoiding plastic covered furniture whenever possible.

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