Silence in the Library is back with our Fall 2015 slate of books. We’re thrilled to bring you three novels and a novella that will take you from the mountains of upstate New York to the far reaches of space; from a school where children are taught to literally conquer the world to a wasteland full of monsters to an alternate universe with a very different United States of America.

These four books are from a variety of genres: urban fantasy, science fiction, young adult fantasy, and mystery/alternate history. In Kelly Swails, Michael A. Stackpole, Stuart Jaffe, and Ginger Breo, we’ve brought you authors you know, and authors you’ll want to know. With so many excellent choices, you’re sure to find something you’ll love. So, come join us once again on another exciting adventure!

You can learn more about these books, the authors, and even read excerpts from them to see if you like them right here in our pre-order page: