Veteran Science Fiction Author Michael Jan Friedman On Launching His New Novel Via Kickstarter

The hero of my new young-adult superhero novel, I Am The Salamander,  is a cancer survivor.

I didn’t set out to make Tim Cruz a kid who had cancer. In fact, when I first started working on th book, it was the furthest thing from my mind. But when you read I Am The Salamander, you’ll see why it makes perfect sense for Tim to have beaten that disease, and why he’s in a position to offer hope to real teens trying to beat cancer themselves.

Why am I trying to fund I Am The Salamander through a Kickstarter campaign? The publishing landscape has changed. It’s harder than ever to get publishers to take a chance on a story, especially a quirky one like I Am The Salamander. And when they do, the book’s shelf life is shorter than that of a jar of half-sour pickles.

I want I Am The Salamander to be around for a good long time. That means I have to get it in the hands of readers on my own, and I have to keep it available to them.

But I wouldn’t ask anyone to donate to the I Am The Salamander campaign just because it’s a worthwhile thing to do. I’m asking because it’s also the best thing I’ve ever written, and because I want to get it out to readers the most direct way possible.

Where does the $5,000 go? To cover the cost of cover art, book design, and a modest print run. The book’s cover, by the way, was rendered by up-and-coming Brazilian talent Caio Cacau, who previously illustrated the cover to my recently re-released first novel, The Hammer and the Horn.

We’re offering backers great rewards like the chance to name a character after themselves and signed, limited edition pieces of Caio’s artwork. These are the kinds of rewards I myself couldn’t pass up. If you’re interested in lending a hand, check out the project at

About the Author

Michael Jan Friedman, a co-founder of indie publisher Crazy8Press, has written 70 novels for major publishers like Simon & Schuster, Harper Collins, and Random House. His Kickstarter campaign ends on Nov. 16th at 7 p.m.