During the Time Traveled Tales Kickstarter, one of our contributors pointed out that it would be a good thing if we did something special for those contributors who had been with us from the very start. We agreed whole-heartedly, and came up with a two part reward for our first 100 backers.

The first part of that reward was an additional story that we sent out to the first 100 in eBook format a few weeks ago.

Now, we’re making good on the second part of our promise.

At Dragon Con 2013, we were able to get authors Aaron Allston, Michael Stackpole, Timothy Zahn, Maggie Allen, Janine K. Spendlove, and Bryan Young together to record an audio “Thank You” to our first 100. We had one of the authors read each of those contributors’ names aloud and thank them for their contribution. The purpose of this post is to make that file available, and it can be found below.

In closing, we at Silence in the Library would like to thank not only our first 100 contributors, but all of the backers of our Time Traveled Tales Kickstarter project. You guys brought this book to life, and we hope you’ll stay with us for the many other wonderful adventures we have planned for the next couple of years.

Thank you, and enjoy the clip.

Ron Garner, CEO, Silence in the Library LLC


Stream it:



Download it: (right click + save as)