Mark Dos Santos

"Need to Know" by Michael A. StackpoleMark Dos Santos began his artistic career in Newark, NJ. In spite of the slippery dangers posed by plastic wrapped furniture—all the rage at the time—the budding, young artist still managed to clamber on to his precarious sofa perch every day. Having safely conquered his synthetic nemesis, he’d spend hours filling up every available scrap of paper with the characters from his favorite cartoon shows.

Upon mastering plastic coated upholstery, Mark decided to take on yet another challenge. He joined the army and traveled to many exciting and exotic new places like South Korea and Kansas. The skills he’d acquired as a child proved useful in his new venture. Many field marches were avoided as his talents were put to use painting common room walls.

In 1996, Mark enrolled at the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Arts. His studies in animation and comics paid off, and he received his first published job at the end of his second year – three illustrations for the DEADLANDS: HELL ON EARTH roleplaying handbook. Mark now resides in southern California where he works as a freelance artist, still watching cartoons, and avoiding plastic covered furniture whenever possible.

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Autumn Frederickson

"Millie" by Janine K. SpendloveAutumn has been creating fantasy worlds since early childhood. After moving to Los Angeles with her buddy, the pink haired monster Freddy Scribbles, she launched Daydreams & Giggles in March 2012. Since then, Autumn and Freddy have hit the comic-convention circuit, traveling from coast to coast whilst peddling their wares. Crayon scribbles of unicorns gave way to stylized paintings of caped heroes and other popular characters. Her ever growing brigade of watercolor Lemonheads has become increasingly popular with children and adults alike.

In addition to commissioned art and conventions, Autumn still continues to work on a personal body of illustrations that draws from numerous mythological and fairytale sources as well as her own, personal brand of humor.

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Kelli Neier

AthenasDaughtersKelli Neier (rhymes with fire) indulges her right brain as a freelance graphic designer and editor (by night) and exercises her left brain as a bank teller (by day). She has edited Janine K. Spendlove’s War of the Seasons series and designed covers for Time Traveled Tales and Athena’s Daughters anthologies by Silence in the Library Publishing and the Wanderlust series by Elieba Levine. Kelli also designs websites, such as the one you are viewing now. One of her life missions is to help authors, small businesses, and non-profit organizations to have an attractive presence on the web.

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Matt Slay

Icarus promo 2Born and raised in Maryland, Matt learned early that the best way to eat anything is with a mallet. Chesapeake folks understand this. His approaches to Art are not that far behind. Utilizing not only brushes, but quills, sponges, sandpaper, salt, razor blades, his fingernails, the souls of his enemies, and empty Tic-Tac boxes, Matt has a wonderful time sparing the general populace by working from his studio home somewhere on a mountain top in Virginia where he occasionally screams out of the third story window that he “was right” and that “nobody listened”.

Matt Slay has been in production art for the better part of a decade having generated images for IDW’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Image Comics, The CBLDF, Upper Deck’s “Marvel Premiere”, “Marvel Beginnings series 2”, and others; as well as Cryptozoic’s Tarzan 100th Anniversary sets. He has also worked on “Charnel House” with Wes Huffor and Broken Voice Comics and produced countless designs for Record/Album covers, Logos, Book jackets as well as posters, patches and T-shirts for any number of companies. From time to time, he’s been known to dabble in video game character design for companies such as Flamero on projects such “Naystar: The Beginning” and “Journey Through Naystar”.

Matt studied Illustration and Design at VCU, The Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art, and completed his Bachelor’s in Illustration at Radford University and later completed his Masters with endorsements in Art History and Art Psychology. He now puts that experience to use as a freelance illustrator bouncing back and forth between comics/comic books, advertising and marketing.

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Betsy Waddell

The Half-blood Cover Artwork by Betsy WaddellBetsy Waddell received her B.F.A. in illustration from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2006. When she’s not illustrating the covers for Janine Spendlove’s War of the Seasons series, she can be found designing, building, and repairing costumes, helping award-winning costume designers illustrate their designs, or drawing caricatures of Broadway actors. Originally from Asheville, N.C., she currently lives in New York City and works behind the scenes in the theatre and film industry.

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