What does a sidekick do after retirement? What does a super villain do when he meets an evil greater than himself? Is it power that defines a hero, or something else? All of these questions and more are answered in A Hero By Any Other Name, a collection of stories by some of today’s best-known science-fiction and fantasy authors. This collection of riveting adventures delves into the lives of some not-so-conventional superheroes, sidekicks, and villains. This isn’t all tights-and-fights, but a look at heroes that will forever alter your perspective on those who chose to live behind a mask.

Each of the stories is illustrated by Mark Dos Santos, and has a cover by Dennis Loubet.

Authors and stories:

Aaron Allston – “Retreads”
Janine Spendlove – “Stupendous Sparkle”
Maxwell Alexander Drake – “The Kid”
Bryan Young – “Changing the Game”
Maggie Allen – “A Marvelous New World”
R.T. Kaelin – “All-Star”
Ron Garner – “Hero Today, Gone Tomorrow”
Jean Rabe – “Mortar’s Ovation”
Michael A. Stackpole – “Need to Know”