A brand new techno-thriller from Timothy Zahn

The plan is already in motion. In ten days, the world will watch as a small group of patriots save the world from chaos.

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HEROES! is a collection of short fiction about superheroes, not-so-super heroes, and everyday people who find the hero within. Featuring stories by Aaron Allston, Gail Z. Martin, John Kovalic, and others.
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Athena's Daughters, volume 2

Maze running executioners, menopausal super heroes, psychic scientists, precog nuns, sentient crows . . . These are just a sampling of the diverse ladies that will enthrall, excite, and entertain you in this anthology of science fiction and fantasy stories written by women.


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SUSPECTED Cover Reveal & Giveaway Contest

We’re proud to reveal the cover of SUSPECTED, the second book in The Elected Series by Rori Shay. SUSPECTED goes up for sale in February 2015. But in the meantime, the first book, ELECTED is on sale for $0.99. Check it out in our store, at Amazon, or Barnes & Noble. And don’t forget to register for the Rafflecopter giveaway.

Founded in 2011 by a group of authors, Silence in the Library, LLC was established with the goal of creating an environment that allows authors, artists, editors, and other publishing professionals to work collaboratively to showcase their work. Our model keeps the creative decisions, throughout the publishing process, as close to the actual creators (i.e. authors and artists) as possible. Authors are deeply involved in their projects from start to finish. By closely controlling the quality of inputs to the process, we ensure a high level of quality in the final product while allowing space for imagination to flourish.

One of our goals is to prove that there is no “standard” face to a protagonist or an author of speculative fiction. Talent and strength know no race, sex, or other artificial boundary. Our projects, in particular our anthologies, strive to reflect this.

The Athena’s Daughters anthology (and its sister volumes) were conceived, developed, and driven by women. The books have one unifying theme: all of the protagonists are women, and they exhibit a wide range of physical attributes, ages, abilities, ethnicities, and orientations.

For HEROES!, a collection of stories about superheroes, we focused on diversity with respect to gender, ethnicity, age, body type, and life experience.

We consider representation a priority—all readers should be able to find someone like themselves in the books they read. We hope to contribute towards this goal by continuing to offer our customers a diverse selection of authors and characters.